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  1. Happy days! I worked for Modern Alarms back in the late 70’s covering most of Wales in my trusty ford Escort, spent many a night trying to work out how the hell these old brocks systems worked! !!

  2. The Brocks box belongs to the store (white painted 1/3″ alloy tube will contain the bell wire)

    It will have been left on the wall as the average 12 volt alarm money is too idle to remove old metal boxes, as grinder or dirty great crow bar is liable to be required which is just far too much effort

  3. Within my own company, our engineers are reprimanded for not removing old bell boxes when fitting new systems. However, with regard this web site and the historical interest clearly shown by both you and I, I am secretly pleased that on occasion our engineers do not remove old bell boxes, however, in this case we are not guilty as we are not ACE Security :)

    • It might be that the Brocks belonged to a neighbouring property, perhaps? One that looks like it belongs to a convicted jerry-builder!

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