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  1. This rely a bell is the second type ever made, the original rely a bell sounder had the same type of box shown above but with rely a bells original logo style and instead of having the BIS on it, it had patent pending system on the bottom.
    After they patented the system they changed the font to the typical rely a bell font and added the BIS 1955 on the bottom.
    This bell box most likely dates back to the mid 50s as in the late 40s rely a bell only had 4 lines instead of 8 lines shown on the box.
    In the late 50s they again changed the style of the bell box from a box to the bath tub design that is very similar to the autocall box.
    Then in the early 60s they changed the box so it was easier to produce and finally added the BIS 4321 at the bottom.

  2. What a great example of a Rely-A-Bell Sounder. Note the two wire loops through the slots either side of the bell box. This acted as a tamper loop, whereby, if the cover was removed, the wire broke and set off the alarm. This would have been whats called an ‘Open Circuit’ bell. This means that it was powered from the main control unit and did not have an integral self actuating sounder module.

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