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“Royale”, Hackney: regal relic

“Royale Security Systems” burglar alarm, Hackney • This looks around the same age as the preceding alarms, but it’s so weathered it’s hard to decipher the phone number. I could cheat and pretend it has a 3-letter exchange code, but in fact it doesn’t: as far as I can make out, it says “Royale Security Systems ?? Benfleet 328?8”. Benfleet is in Essex, near the Canvey HQ of the charming old Pearl box I featured recently. This competitor has fared less well, but I can see it once had a classic 1950s-style logo, and I reckon the casing started out as bright blue. I’ve done a Google search on the firm, but unsurprisingly turned up nothing at all, so any info would be welcome. Tomorrow: the new year ushers in more royal alarms, only somewhat newer than this one. Meanwhile I’ll be down in beautiful Bristol, no doubt photographing yet more wonky West Country alarms and being forced to trudge the perimeters of various loser football grounds in recompense. Happy New Year! • Spotted: Shoreditch High Street, Hackney, London, E1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Hackney South and Shoreditch


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  1. Royale Security was set up by 2 brothers John and Ray Shipman in 1982, they later went their separate ways with Ray continuing with Royale and John setting up Shipman Security Systems which he still runs today.

  2. Hi. A Great example. Never seen a Royale Bell Box as old as that.
    You are correct in that Royale were Esex based, I sem to think they may have been in Benfleet. Cant remember who aquired them, probably the usual. I suspect that they only went in the last 20 years or so, of course, this bell box being very very old. Maybe you should so an alarm company family tree. Would love to help with that one!

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