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“Regal Security Systems”, Hackney: missing monarch

“Regal Security Systems” burglar alarm, Hackney • Yesterday I posted a Regal sticker, and today here’s an actual sounder, of the classic 1980s design that looks like a clock-radio when mounted horizontally. I’ve searched for this firm on the internet but turned up nothing whatsoever, so presumably they were bought out before the world wide web got popular. Which means I will never get to find out what the big fat “W” in the logo stands for – and whether it’s meant to resemble a crown. (Update: if you check the comment below and here, the mystery is solved –  Regal was originally Wimpey, and in 2001 sold out to ADT. Which makes it surprising I couldn’t track down any info on Google, because 2001 isn’t that long ago.) • Spotted: Hackney area, Hackney, London, E2, England, 2008 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Hackney South and Shoreditch

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  1. As Mike says, the W is for Wimpey – as in the same company who were housebuilders (how Wimpey Security came into being).

    Regal was the result of a “management/investor” buyout in the early 90s – taking over both the systems entity and the alarm receiving centre. I was, for a brief time, their Southern Engineering Manager.

    On another note, having spent the better part of 30 years in the industry, it’s lovely to see some of the history preserved. Very good (from a geek viewpoint) anyway.

    • Hi Bill, thanks for adding your very informative comments. Nice to have a new addition to the wealth of experienced commentators on this blog.

  2. The earlier bell before this one was a round eurobell with the same design graphics, i assume this box was the 90’s

  3. Thanks for reminding me Mike, I’ve now updated the entry above with a link to your original comment. When I get a chance I’ll collate all the info about the various firms in the comments, but at the moment it’s still coming thick and fast.

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