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“Imperial Fire & Security”, Bristol: royal connections

“Imperial Fire & Security” burglar alarm, Bristol • According to its website, Imperial was founded in 1997 and is based in Bristol – which seems to have an unfeasably large number of local security firms. There’s nothing about the look of this that suggests royalty, unless the blue ribbon has some regal significace that escapes me. But there’s no doubt that the emperor-related word “imperial” fits within this week’s regal theme, as does the serendipitous Queen’s Road location. • Spotted: Queen’s Road, Bristol, Avon, BS8, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. The word ’emperor’ comes from the Latin ‘imperator’ which originally meant ‘general’. At the start of the Roman Empire it became a title accorded to the head of state (similar to the position of the President of the United States as CiC of the armed forces). Not until the 3rd Century AD did Roman Emperors start to consider themselves to be monarchs.

    • I know that – I DID check out the derivation on Wikipedia before posting ;-). However it has long since come to refer to royal families too, and as such belongs in my “Royalty” theme. I do actually have a Roman theme upcoming, and did think about putting it there, but prefer it here.

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