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“Kings”, Westminster: lit from within

“Kings” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • This is a late entrant to the royalty theme, which I found just the other evening. The logo suggests this is the same firm featured here, albeit without the crown. What’s incredibly hard to show in a photo is that this sounder’s lit up inside, glowing like a beacon in the dark. The photo below shows how it really looked, and the one under that was taken with flash to show the sounder’s details. There are lots of these internally lit alarms around these days – it’s the latest trend – but the difficulty of photographing in the dark has stopped me from featuring them. • Spotted: Bruton Place, London, W1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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  1. Paul’s boxes can be found in a place where shadowy intruders have stack heels, bulky and flowing jackets & bouffanted hair…..

    PS It smacks of cost cutting for Kings to go from your own bespoke box with texecom insides to glow in the dark “rotherham tat” with “f’ck it that will do text only silk screening”

    • I haven’t come across any of your lit-up Deltabells, they are nice – what area of Britain am I likely to find one in?

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