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“Aaron Hi-Tec”, Bristol: now looking sadly lo-tech

“Aaron Hi-Tec” burglar alarm, Bristol • To kick off the retro-futurist theme, here’s an LED font that’s obviously meant to look high tech (after all, it says so in the name), but is now definitely vieux chapeau. I’ve recently featured an oval Aaron sounder, but this one’s much older, and its decay adds still further to the retro-futurist poignancy. To be fair, the style of Aaron’s LED text is a bit more modern than the seven-segment display on yesterday’s Monarch, and you still see this kind of scrolling display on everything from bus stops to billboards. It’s just not very high tech, that’s all. • Spotted: Jubilee Street, Bristol, Avon, BS2, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. Tut, tut for Sammy,

    Is a CQR H Type box, when I was t’lad you buy a back plate, & cover, you’d build the box to spec,

    So it could contain a dragon sab c/w ni-cad battery , kinetic siren & strobe, levered mirco close by the 6mm roofing bolt which hold the lid & maybe even a foam module…..

    PS there’s a hole drilled in the front cover which would have once contained an led,

    • I’m sure you could still buy them from Gardiners as late as 2005 when I opened my account, I seem to remember they were about £2.80 for the cover only, which seemed hilariously cheap! Of course, they might have just had tons they couldn’t shift from the early 90s or whenever CQR stopped making them… Were the verticals still called ‘H’s or something else…?

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