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“Nu-Tron”, Tower Hamlets: thermonuclear device

“Nu-Tron Security Ltd” burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets • Thanks to various commenters, I now know that Nu-Tron is the successor company to yesterday’s M-Tronic, and you can certainly see the resemblance in the big rounded initial. It’s an unusual shape of box which I’ve not featured before, and anything called Nu-Tron that looks more like an Old-Tron simply demands to be put in the “retro-futurist” category. But as for naming your sounders after a thermonuclear device specifically designed to kill all nearby humans while leaving buildings standing? A bit extreme, surely. • Spotted: Wentworth Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow

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  1. Hi Jefff,I picked up this thread from 2012. Noticed you are ex Nu-tron engineer, would you possibly know where I can get replacement PIR for Nu-tron alarm system installed around 2001? Any advice on Nu-tron spares would be helpful. Thx Peter

  2. Ex Nu-Tron Engineer/Manager. Used to refer to these as ‘coffin type’ when discussing a bell change over a coffee. As you do..

    • Jeff I’ve previously commented on the post Lander Alarms March 16th about a Nu-Tron box on a villa here in Menorca. I was curious to know if the villa belonged to one of the owners & if so do they still own it

  3. It’s interesting that M-Tronic & Nu-Tron are both hyphenated and include Ltd on their boxes even putting in the full stop for the abbreviation.

      • A lot of companies leave off part of their full trading title on their bell box, like security, services, alarms etc. and the vast majority leave off Ltd, Plc etc. I think that person was more than precise at punctuation.

  4. I’m sure I’ve seen lots of this shape in use by regional, medium size companies in Dorset … usually green or blue. Some look quite new, don’t think they have the grille though – too much of an invite for the sort of foam party you don’t want!

      • Try Lyme Regis and thereabouts if you ever do – must admit I just did a google and found lots of recent looking ‘we now also own’ type news articles for the firms round there – I think Lyme Bay alarms is one of the ones with said boxes thats been hoovered up. As well as some truly ‘Friday afternoon at the printers’ awful designs;

        Anyway I’ll try and snap some next time if you don’t make it!

      • Looks like my last comment didnt get post – basically I’ve seen lots around the Lyme Regis / Seaton area – but hold back, thrillseekers, a quick google revealed lots of recent takeovers (it wouldn’t really be the alarm business otherwise) though there are bounds to be lots left and I’ll try and snap a few next time I’m there for the Budleigh Salterton Fudge Carving Competition. Speaking of Seaton, the ‘Friday afternoon prize for best logo dreamed up by a temp at the printers’ goes to…

        • Ha ha, I’ve never investigated the Dorset area. X-Act is a good name, but you’re right, it’s a terrible logo. Never seen one of those in the wild.

          • I think they’re the ones that have gobbled up a lot of the smaller firms with said boxes, Lyme Bay alarms website now features a Seaton address and same pictures of the X-act van! Saw a blue one today in Bradford-upon-Avon but going too fast to see the name, might have been ‘Admiral’? Typical olde-worlde Wiltshire type installation, at about head height due to the building being such an odd wonky shape!

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