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“Disc”, Glasgow: sounder with a built-in CD

“Disc Security Systems” burglar alarm, Glasgow • This is one for the retro-futurism archives – a weird and wonderful bell box with a mini-CD in the centre (not quite obsolete, but hardly futuristic), and a faux-computer font as discussed in the Micro entry. Photos on the Caledonian firm’s website suggest the CD comes to life when the sun shines (cue crap Scottish weather jokes), refracting a shimmering rainbow of hues – though if they wanted to be truly retro-trendy, they’d need a steampunk vinyl burglar alarm like the 1939 Burgot example below. The Disc here is proudly protecting the Glasgow Police Museum, which explores the history of the UK’s first police force – namely, the City of Glasgow Police – and apparently contains Europe’s largest collection of police uniforms. Nice to know they still need a burglar alarm, though. • Spotted: Bell Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G1, Scotland, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Glasgow Central

The Police Museum in Glasgow with its Disc burglar alarm-cum-CD

Burgot burglar alarm with vinyl disc, 1939, from the Science Museum, London

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  1. Do you think its an unused CD-R or unsold bargain bin X-Factor xmas releases though? Possibly my favourite one yet, though. It manages to be exceeding tacky yet actually pretty creative. I’ll hold back on my ‘Isn’t the weather lovely’ anecdote involving and the receptionist at a hotel I stayed at in Ayr though.

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