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“First Choice”, Westminster: Buddhist drum

“First Choice” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • So, time for a rather large new category: uncommon shapes. By that I mean sounder covers in shapes that don’t crop up that often, either through general unpopularity, or because they’re the preserve of one particular firm. Circular sounders aren’t rare, but this particular design – a deep cylinder with semi-notched sides – I’ve only seen used by First Choice, perhaps to match their yin-yang logo. Unsuited as a Buddhist peace symbol may seem to the business of felon-fighting, it’s not the only example I’ve found on a burglar alarm, though the other one may have been a “political statement” as I found it in a radical part of Bristol – I’ll publish it one day. • Spotted: Great Titchfield Street, City of Westminster, London, W1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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  1. unless I’m mistaken they once used CQR multi boxes ?

    also understand they want multi disciplined fire, security, electrical,access, extingushers engineers to do everything in one hit all for less money than an “alarm only” eng would get elsewhere

  2. I was a manager at First Choice Facilities a few years ago, who offered a wide range of maintenance cover nationwide from their base in Isleworth Middlesex, hence the Facilities in their name. They started up by selling fire extinguishers and then moving into fire alarms which was the majority of their work when I was there.
    My records from the time I was there states on the specification fields the sounder is an Elmdene RS 200, I don’t know if that’s correct.

    • What was the huge, jellyfish like sounder Elmdene used to sell, that was unlike anything else they sold, that was a bit like the plastic era Securicor Granley’s….?

      • Blimey, I haven’t come across a sounder resembling a huge jellyfish, much as I’d like to… but there’s one of those Securicor Granleys coming up very soon.

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