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“Friedland”, Newham: solar-powered pouch

“Friedland” burglar alarm, Newham • I can only describe this as a “pouch”. It looks a bit like a paper shredder, but I think the grille on top is a solar panel. Web research shows that Friedland is a division of Honeywell, whose name occasionally crops up on vintage alarms, and who still boast the same logo. • Spotted: Marshgate Lane, Newham, London, E15, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of West Ham

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      • I have fitted one of these systems on my villa here in Menorca, only because it was the best of a bad bunch of wireless systems on ebay that delivered to Menorca, I put some pictures on this site’s Facebook a few weeks ago.
        As I said then the box sticks out a lot so there is a large gap to get anything in to jemmy off the wall, also there is only one screw holding the lid on and is conveniently at the bottom.
        The external sounder on audible systems must be secure and not made easy for the intruder to overcome. We always replaced the standard screws holding the cover on with security type screws.

  1. I thought Friedland is now part of Honeywell.
    This alarm box is part of the Response wireless system. Response was one of the first if not the first company to sell an external sounder with solar cells for their DIY kit sold in B&Q, Homebase etc., in the 90s, their factory was in Ewell Surrey and it seems at some stage they sold.

  2. Friedland, yet another independent manufacturer of decent things eaten up by TYCO. All you can buy nowadays is rubbish, and it’s not even cheap, and unlikely to be in stock either.

    Sad times we are in, sad times….

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