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“Chubb”, Sheffield: rusty equilateral triangle

“Chubb” burglar alarm, Sheffield • After yesterday’s unusual pentagonal Chubb, here’s the classic equilateral triangle version. Not an uncommon design per se as there are lots of Chubbs around, but it’s a one-firm shape, and the sharp-cornererd metal vintage ones like this are starting to rust into oblivion, normally from the bottom edge up – maybe the design causes rainwater  to collect there. • Spotted: Bank Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Sheffield Central

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  1. Chubb brought westcountry security in about 2005-6 and they continued to trade a wescountry security for a while using delta shape bell boxes. As far as i know westcountry security has now been completely merged with chubb along with many other companies such as Fire protection service, Kiddie fire, camera control systems, FAB security systems and many more during the 2000’s.

  2. Saw the oddest thing today in Seaton. Yes, I do have a propensity for living in -or- visiting, tacky run down seaside towns. It was a fairly recent Chubb triangle (recent enough to be plastic and look quite shiny) with – I think – ‘Westcountry Security’ writ large and something like ‘working with Chubb’ underneath in much smaller writing. Weird franchise or something? Surely now homogenised?

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