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“Tara”, Kensington: venerable green shield

“Tara” burglar alarm, Kensington and Chelsea • Yet another take on the triangle, this venerable shield classifies as “uncommon” because it’s used only by divisions of Banham, who must have taken over Tara at some point (they used to have really boring rectangular boxes with a very basic logo). You see many Taras in Kensington & Chelsea, so I liked to imagine the firm was named after some posh filly (eg Palmer Tomkinson) rather then the Scouse for goodbye – this one was even found in Cheval (ie horse) Place. But as pointed out in this comment, the Hill of Tara is an important Irish Neolithic site that was the mythical seat of Ireland’s high kings – hence perhaps the green logo, which I’m rather partial to. • Spotted: Cheval Place, Kensington and Chelsea, London, SW7, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Kensington

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  1. Indeed, as Mike says, Banham Group purchased Tara in 2007 – after just over thirty years of local independence in Victoria.

    Mike – yes, Bobby Bransfield was Tara, and while I don’t remember him actually visiting customers on his push bike, I do recall the pictures of it.

    The bell housing is a proprietary Banham design, tooled, I think, by Texecom. It’s a design that won’t ever be seen outside a Banham Group Company – and I seem to recall that there was a rumour at one point that Banham would pay any company taking over one of their systems to remove their bell box and replace it with another, presumably that of the incoming company, rather than have them “stickered” over. I’ve not seen any direct evidence of that though.


    • Thanks for the info, Bill, nice to have another commenter! Your comments will go though immediately from now on, it’s only the first one that gets moderated.

      • Thanks Vici – I am finding the site great, and look forward to seeing what the next “offering” turns out to be. You’ll doubtless end up with a real “inside” history of the intruder alarm industry at this rate too – not just the bell boxes!

        I think the site is great!

  2. Tara was formed in 1976 by one of the industry’s nicest guys, Bobby Bransfield (Hope I’ve spelt his name right), he had set ideas about his business that made it successful, like a small area of coverage and no installations where building work was going on, he used to pass onto us any alarms that needed fitting in houses where builders were working there. He even had a digital communicator receiver in his house, which meant he got all the call outs etc.
    He did sell to Banhams in 2007 hence the Banham box.

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