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“DDD Fire & Security”, Hackney: illuminated wedge

“DDD Fire & Security” burglar alarm, Hackney • Morphing onwards from the last few days’ triangles and shields, this is a flat-bottomed wedge that lights up at night. They used to be pretty rare, hence featuring here in the “uncommon shapes” category, though I fear they are swiftly becoming popular (fear, because they’re impossible to photograph well when illuminated). In purely visual terms, they look quite effective and I prefer them to the chunky faceted “jewel” shapes of the last decade or so; however when I featured one recently, it met with a certain amount of derision from the commenters. As for DDD Fire & Security, they’re a large Coventry-based firm who were founded in 1968, but their website gives no clue to what the memorable triple D stands for – presumably not a bra size. I’ve come across various “3D” firms – one stood for “Defend, Deter, Detect” – so maybe it’s a variant on that, without the unhelpful connotations of coming third. • Spotted: Hewett Street, Hackney, London, EC2, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Hackney South and Shoreditch

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  1. It says on their website they are one of the UK’s best security companies, how do they validate that.
    Back in the 70s and early 80s their was a company in Reigate Surrey called D&D, it was named after the two owners who were both Davids. There are lots of reasons how names are formed, Gardiners first called themselves a name similar to SESCO who were the leading suppliers at the time and they were taken to court are threatened before becoming Gardner Security. Solar Security first chose Total Security but Securitas had that in their name so they change their name to Solar. My first company formed by Eddy Enright tried to register numerous names with Companies House with no success so in the end he used his name. Our second company Westec Security we chose because Eddy Enright was approached by Westec the largest domestic alarm company in the USA to help set up in the UK, but they decided not so Eddy used their name.

    • Thanks for yet more in-depth history, you are a fount of knowledge. I lived in Reigate in the 1970s, but was too young and sensible to be looking for burglar alarms! I shall have to go back and see if I can find any D&Ds, I’ve done quite a few Reigate burglar alarm hunts but not seen any yet.

  2. Well, the bell box is a Pyronix Deltabell. Nothing especially exciting about them from a security systems point of view, and nothing that uncommon now either – pretty well all the majors are making a “shield” style housing now.

    DDD – not a lot known about them, although their website hasn’t been updated since 2003 – I think they’re still on the go. Not sure either about their claim that they’ve been established since 1968 – they’re not that well known in the industry, and Companies House shows they’ve only had the name “D.D.D. Security Systems Ltd” since 1986, which was a name change for a business first registered in 1984.

    Either way, I couldn’t find any idea of what the DDD might stand for – though there are, or were, many small companies out there who jumped on the three letter acronym bandwagon for no other reason than it was “catchy” – maybe in homage to the older three letter acronyms which did, at least, stand for something meaningful.

    • Yeah, I know it’s becoming a common shape now, as I admit in the post, but it’s only recently I started seeing them around in any numbers, and it’s included as a recent development of the “triangle / shield” theme. As for DDD, I first noticed them in Rugby, where there are loads of older style delta boxes (including on the famous public school), so was surprised to see a much newer one in Hackney.

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