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“Key Integrated Systems”, Bristol: soap dish

“Key Integrated Systems” burglar alarm, Bristol • We’re moving into uncommon rectangular shapes now, which basically means boxes with fancy edges or indentations – so although rare, they’re not the most exciting of enclosures. This has a ridged clear panel beneath a curved white top, and is the only example I’ve ever seen. It’s not very recognisable however, and the best I can say about it is that it’s a bit like a soap dish, or perhaps a sea slug. I can’t argue with the disco-tastic logo though, which manages to incorporate an acronym, a star, locksmithery, technology, and the fact that K.I.S. were established in 1976. How on earth does Bristol support so many independent security firms? It suggests it’s the crime hot-spot of the western world, though I’m sure it’s not. • Spotted: Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol, Avon, BS1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. Blimey Sam, well-spotted – the Lee one very obscured, it’s hidden inside a cage! I would NEVER have realised they were the same box. Still quite rare, though :)

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