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“SYS”, Islington: deep pocket

“SYS” burglar alarm, Islington • An even deeper pocket than yesterday, decorated with a not-very-attractive unexplained acronym logo that’s presumably meant to suggest “system”. The firm’s uninformative website is here and the actual sounder can be found here – this example is the only one I’ve come across in the flesh, so to speak. The logo is a reflected palindrome in the manner of Abba, ie it reads the same in both directions and is also physically reflected down the middle. Bizarrely, I do have an Abba alarm, which I shall post one day. • Spotted: Tollington Park, Islington, London, N4, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington North


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  1. Oh. My. Well, you get the idea. Who the hell thought of this unsightly piece of crap? RISCO have definitely lost the plot, “The LuMIN8 professional external sounder uses a patent-pending spotlight, to illuminate your logo at all hours, advertising your business, even on the darkest of nights.” This has been discussed before, if anybody even thought about installing one of these on any of my properties I’d be throwing them straight off the job, or charging them rent for advertising space.

    I’m appalled.

    • Well I just got back from Coventry and saw my second-ever one of these unpopular boxes there – unsightly though it is it can’t do much extra harm to poor old Coventry that the bombs / architects didn’t do first. Didn’t photograph the sounder, wish I had now, it was a very scruffy effort (not a Sys one, some other firm). Thought I’d catch it on the way back – and of course I went another way.

    • I always thought this design had the look of a design ‘bought in’ from the far east and rebadged for UK sale, as it’s so unlike any of Risco’s other designs, although to be fair every other one of their ‘Nova’ bells that’s left has its roots in the early to late 90’s so that wouldn’t be hard. Agreed that if it was going on my house, it would be in the bin before the installer even drove away!

    • I’ve not seen the Lumin8 around here much Sam – do you know if the dummies are exactly the same or missing the little light entirely? Not that I think this is a dummy, its got a red LED glowing away, which is always the sign of a fully working box ;-)

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