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“Carroll Security Group”, Camden: maggoty arch

“Carroll Security Group” burglar alarm, Camden • I featured one of these arched sounders a while back for Nu-Tron, but they’re pretty unusual, although I was informed in this comment there’s a cache of them around Lyme Regis. This is a good use of the shape, with a professional-looking logo that reads as an S, a C, and also a kind of Yin-Yang symbol (or possibly two entwined maggots). The firm’s name is in the font Rockwell, which is very redolent of the 1970s, though this must date from later. • Spotted: Tottenham Mews, Camden, London, W1, England, 2005 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Holborn and St Pancras


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    • LOL. And I thought you were making it up about the costumes! OK, that’s enough dissing of animated burglar alarms ;-)

  1. This sort of box was also used in yellow by a company in and around Weston-super-Mare – W.R.S. its hard to tell if they are still going, as this very much Web 1.0 site doesn’t give much away – except for a thirst quenching offer if you go to the office in person. Presumably biscuits are extra? But their boxes are still very much about, and in a move that is either ‘bold and clever in fooling the eye’ or ‘lazy and boring’ depending on your viewpoint, they still use the same ’round top’ screenprint on their cheap yellow oblong Texecom Odyssey 1’s.

    • They are listed on the SSAIB site (even though the SSAIB installer search is absolutely useless I still managed to find them, surprisingly). I would assume this means they were trading at some point recently. Darren would probably know.

      • I think they are as I’ve now noticed yet another, newer (well, OK, cleaner and shinier) looking generation of oblong yellow boxes, Ventcroft I think, out there. Not had my free cuppa yet though…

        • Spotted what can only be described as an ‘older’ multiple crash, scrape, and bollard damaged yellow WRS van outside a slightly down at heel pub in WSM around 4pm on a Friday. Looks like they are still in business – and probably enjoying a nice cool refreshing glass of lemonade before hometime…? Oh, the pub had ‘Initial’ boxes by the way!

          • Maybe if they spent the spare money on vehicle repairs and driver training they could get a decent fleet rather than giving it away to landlords and the general public!

            • I was going to pop along, but I can just see it now, a ‘Nuts’ and ‘Zoo’ magazine sponsored ‘waiting area’ with a dog bothered puke green leather argos sofa, chipped and/or stained A1 Omnicrom promo mug and a Happy Shopper Orange Blend one-cup with oodles of UHT…

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