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“Shorrock”, Bristol: mini-fan-heater

“Shorrock” burglar alarm, Bristol • Now we’re on to unusual square sounders, though this kind of design may be more common abroad – I’ve seen several in Belgium and Italy, for a start. The classic Shorrock is a pentagon as here, so I reckon this mini-fan-heater is older, though the logo’s the same. • Spotted: Surrey Street, Bristol, Avon, BS2, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. Did Chubb ever use franken panels?
    my mates house has a chubb closed circuit bell (exactly the same one i have) and the panel that its wired up to is a Franken olive green panel with a bakelite board and a few bulbs for fault indication.

  2. As395 & there was an AS295 also with a square strobe ‘ they were hi sec , as had double skin with internal steel covered over pcbs , both had strobes as optional extras

  3. Most company’s that use this seem to use it on occasions, due to its high spec for high security applications. It emits a higher then average sound of 125db, so why do more companies not use it in place of the master blaster that sounds like war is happening again, not a burglar alarm! One question the top bit does flash doesn’t it??

      • The top section in the picture isn’t a strobe, it was a blank that was removed and the strobe unit fitted in its place. Great piece of kit.

        • Ahh I see so it’s not one of those integrated flesh type strobes that same colour as main box, suppose explains why some are coloured I suppose..

              • Did you work for Shorrock? Or someone who used so many they bought in bulk so fitted them? I worked for Securicor and a large local firm and if we got them from local suppliers or direct from Aritech they always had the dummy strobe, not quite fitted 200 but around 100 I would have thought.
                Were they badged up? We always had to put stickers on.

                • No run my own company and bought them from a company in Cardiff called alarm equip (not there anymore) and always and a strobe fitted no badges we used to put our own on So wether they fitted them before they sold them I’m not sure. We did a lot of post offices the shop side of them and used these boxes

    • Because it’s mainly a eroupeian alarm that is quite a pain to wire up. It’s not really high spec either. It’s got an old external extention speaker, a big 12v battery that looks like it’s going to blow up and spew acid if the sun even looks at it and the sab module is a pain to wire up because its got no markings and alot of the aritech manuals are in German.

  4. In the 90s I’m sure the main user of Aritech control panels etc. was Shorrock and then the next biggest user was my company Westec Security. Aritech panels had a few major faults, we used them because in the early 90s they were the only manufacturer of a keypad with a door, which we wanted as lots of terraced houses in Fulham, Chelsea, Clapham etc. had no cupboards near the front door to hide an ugly keypad. It stemmed from Westec and our previous company Enright Security using Aritech ultra sonics and then PIRs for many years, so we had built up a very good relationship with Aritech and they offered us a very good deal to use their panels, we never used their sounder though.

    • When I worked for Chubb Alarms, and then when I started up, we used the Aritech Curtain PIRs. Chubb also used the Advisor 8 Ultrasonics with Zipp panels – they wre a pain. I when first started, I used the Aritech 101 Ultrasonics. On a high security job I used the Aritech High Security Self Contained bell. Steel. It looked different from thisone. Still have the job and still have the sounders!

    • Yes….you are correct, Harold Ashley’s London East Security used these when the guy who used to own Arlescourt (who’s name escapes me) worked for him. They then moved onto Novaguard 2’s

  5. This sounder has been commented on before now under posts relating to Dominion Security. The sounder was manufactured by Aritech. It is a High security Sounder and is known to be what’s known as a Self Contained Sounder, in that the sounder is triggered by the control unit by rings from its own integral battery. Shorrock did not use this sounder extensively

    • There’s one of these on our local Sainsburys, painted over in orange, although it might well be just for the ‘bank’ (no pun intended) of ATMs rather than the store itself. I noticed the other day that the alarm keypad in the Sainsburys itself is branded… er… ‘Sainsburys’ and I don’t just mean screenprinting or a sticker on the cover. There seems to be a lot of this odd ‘retro-client’ branding going on unless they really have taken things in house?

      • Wasn’t that long ago that Case were doing Sainsbury’s, but then they could have moved it in house over the last couple of years. Co-Op do all theirs in house, as they do with most of their contractors they just buy them out and do absolutely everything in house eventually.

        Quite possible that they just have it specified that they want it all branding with their name though.

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