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“Securicor Granley”, Hackney: tupperware box

“Securicor Granley” burglar alarm, Hackney • You only see this giant tupperware cheesebox – a shape that bears no relation to any other sounder – on old Securicor and Securicor Granley boxes. They’re quite rare and often pretty worn, but apart from being skew-wiff, this one is in decent condition. Some variations have the logo on a printed label affixed to the raised flat panel, but this is the most deluxe version, with the whole logo in moulded 3D type. • Spotted: Clifton Street, Hackney, London, EC2, England, 2008 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Hackney South and Shoreditch

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  1. Just holidayed in Jersey and there’s loads of pristine bells just like the one above. I believe Securicor Granley had an engineer that lived in Jersey hence all the alarms there.

  2. This is an early version of the Securicor Granley moulded box , having the moulded lettering, later units had a flat panel to affix the labels, the Granley name was dropped and the company re-branded to become Securicor Alarms, they then sold out to Shorrocks, many of these boxes still exist.
    These boxes were exclusive to Securicor Granley, the plastic was opaque to allow to strobe to be seen.

    • Interesting fact for you me and mydad made the labels for this unit in calne at calnescreenprint, the original boxes were masked with a cardboard disposable template then screenprinting ink was applied using a hand roller average quantities produced were 1000 units at a time

    • Stuart, all the Alarm Panels & Bells used by Securicor Granley or Alarms were unavailable commercially and made by a company owned by the parent Securicor Group. If i recall correctly they were made by Ash Electronics, some of the later versions contained a siren as opposed to the 6″ bell that the Granley ones contained.

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