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“Challenger”, Bristol: dull but rare

“Challenger Fortis Fidelis” burglar alarm, Bristol • OK, so this is a dull soapdishy shape. But it’s the only version of this particular dull soapdishy shape I’ve ever found, and the logo’s a bit of a classic – I always appreciate a shield and a Latin motto. Fortis et fidelis is a common heraldic phrase meaning “brave and faithful”, “strong and loyal”, or variations thereof; it’s also a ridiculously overpriced brand of cognac• Spotted: Small Street, Bristol, Avon, BS1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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  1. Used to get loads of there type c boxs and they all seemed to have a siren riveted into the backplate, Otehall tamper on the screw, blue or white lynteck tk-31 strobe light at the top of the backplate and a cheap scantronic sab that was held in by a zip tie that also held the nicd.
    Come to think of it, i think challenger bought their bell box from maplin stores.

  2. Challenger, basically a ‘this is a DIY effort, probably doesn’t work’ stamp. It’s an attempt at making the alarm look authentic, does it work?

    • As a still-ignorant punter, despite this blog, an alarm is an alarm is an alarm when I see it on a wall. Obviously a well-known name like ADT is more impressive, but there aren’t many such mega-firms to the untrained eye. But whether what you describe as “DIY” alarms will discourage Johnny Burglar is a different matter. If a feral youth, possibly yes; if a career criminal, then the sounder is probably immaterial!

      • Just an attempt at free advertising then.

        I forget other people can’t spot a DIY alarm\dummy camera from 500 yards!

          • Well, I can’t really explain it, you just have a sixth sense. Basically the dummy cameras in Argos look nothing like an actual camera, familiarise yourself with some CCTV catalogues.

  3. Pumped out by the likes of City Electrical Factors I think – you often see whole estates full of them where the alarm was included ‘for free’ with the house. Usually the most rotten present you’ll ever receive – I’d negotiate to downgrade to a Barratt Homes Fruit Basket! I think the old logo used to be a clenched fist or something charming like that?

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