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“Abel”, Islington: glowing logo

“Abel” burglar alarm, Islington • A lot of pioneering British alarm companies were swallowed up by multinationals in the 1980s, but veteran firm Abel – like Banham, featured yesterday – endure. They were formed in 1965, and according to their website are now the UK’s largest privately owned providers of electronic security systems. They certainly update their boxes regularly – compare and contrast the old red effort featured here with their current look, above. Utterly proprietary, it’s a slim silver metal square with a die-cut logo that’s illuminated from within, as shown glowing at dusk below. Slick! • Spotted: Upper Street, Islington, London, N1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington South and Finsbury

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  1. Those bell boxs are known as SSU 456 bell boxs.
    Abel make their own SAB module or SASU as they call them.

  2. The Abel Alarm bell boxes are still current and remain a stainless steel construct as described (and pictured) above.

    There have been a number of evolutions in the design over the course of the last 47 years (Bonus points to whomever spots them all :))

    They are not cheap as many above alluded to however the quality is very much evident.

    It is a common misconception that the innards are from a Ventcroft Classic.

    There was a time when alternative colour lighting options so as to indicate Fire / Intruder or confirmed type activation state were being considered. However, evolving regulatory requirements forced a move away from this approach.

  3. This is such a lovely box. Am i right in thinking the basic box design has been around for many years and used by loads of different company’s in the Midlands, such as Bat alarms, CK security etc?

  4. I beleive they’re using the Pyronix Deltabell now. Shame really, as the steel box looked quite classy for a bell! The sounder within is actually a Vencroft model retrofitted to the back plate and the logo flashes when it’s in alarm.

    • Makes sense. I was tempted to do something similar using the CQR multibox gubbins, but was advised even a ‘decorative cover’ might make it then uncompliant with the original grading if it wasn’t also from CQR. (Lets face it thats all the multibox covers are). That and the very expensive metal cutting charges due to my admittedly fiddly logo :-(

      • What absolute twaddle. This sort of nonsense really winds me right up. It’s a plastic decorative lid. Get a grip.

        • Do you know for a fact it’s plastic? They look like metal from a distance, but obviously it’s impossible to be sure without inside knowledge.

          • “Abel have the exteriors made in stainless by a sheet metal fabricator and final assembly was in house at Leicester HQ. The innards are indeed a Ventcroft Classic. The idea at the time was that the box could perhaps also display other alarm ‘states’ for the responder (presumably by the colour of the logo)”, or so someone stating they worked for Abel posted in 2009 on another forum…

            • Yes, so this thread is not twaddle, it’s a serious discussion about a firm who appear to have spent an unusually large sum on their sounder covers, then rowed back from it. If you’re a designer, as I am, then that’s interesting, and I value informed information such as Stuart’s. I don’t understand why it winds you up, ISS. No-one is forcing you to read it.

              • I think the sum involved was/is ultimately untenable – the poster shied away when asked about a cost! He did seem to admit that ‘alternatives were available if the customer wanted it’ -presumably plastic.

              • Not the thread, the “but was advised even a ‘decorative cover’ might make it then uncompliant with the original grading if it wasn’t also from CQR” bit.

                It’s a plastic cover, just another ridiculous rule to abide by, I’m all for doing things properly but some things just really wind me up.

                The threads and posts I love, they don’t wind me up at all, I think they’re all brilliant. Thank you Vici.

                Just to confirm, EN50131 and NSI – gets me all wound up, Vici and the blog – brilliant.

                • Oh, sorry for taking umbrage – I totally misunderstood! That’s because I often don’t have the faintest idea what you’re all talking about… blissful ignorance ;-)

  5. Are these actually still current though? I thought they were a bit of a trip down bankrupt yerself lane which they’d U-turned on – they must be very expensive even in bulk plus the hastle of unique type certification, even if it’s done for them by the contractor – and that they’d returned to more sober fare? Sure I’ve seen a lit-up Deltabell with a 2 tone Abel logo on round Bristol way…

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