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“Alarm Service Group”, Bristol: constructivist classic

“Alarm Service Group” burglar alarm, Bristol • As I’ve never seen it used by anyone but Alarm Service Group, I must assume that this super-smart and beautifully-designed modernist sounder is proprietary to them, though they also use Eurobells. Or, I should say, once used: the firm doesn’t exist any more, though there are still lots of their boxes around in Bristol, mainly in very good condition. I love the yellow-and-green colour scheme, the broad green strobe (if that’s what it is) at the bottom, and the mysterious symbolism of the logo – part totalitarian throwback, part bow-tied chains. Whoever came up with this constructivist classic had a great eye for design. There’s a photo of one below on a massive Soviet-style building in Bristol: a perfect match. • Spotted: Wine Street, Bristol, Avon, BS1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

A perfect match: Alarm Service Group's modernist sounder graces the Soviet-style Cafe Central in Quay Street, Bristol, 2011

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  1. ASG was sold to Protection One who inturn sold to ADT.

    We used them as an ARC & the contracts went from Britsol to Masco in London then to AIM

    • Ok… But I’ve seen a lot of systems in Bristol where the ASG logo changed to ‘OCS’ on the otherwise exact same service stickers / paperwork. And obviously OCS are still going. I wonder if they (and this doesn’t seem likely) just bought the non-monitored ones?

  2. This box was also used by a company called Alarm Call in barnstaple and was silver with a red logo. I cant seem to find any website for Baily Associates

  3. ASG are one of the few alarm firms to actually go bust. It is very uncommon for any alarm company to go best as the firms normally sell the contracts before going under. This bell box was made by Baily Associates and was also used for a while by Reliance (also no longer around in that form).

  4. I used to find lots of old domestic ‘bells only’ ‘City’ alarms in Bristol were (‘were’ being the important bit) being looked after by Alarm Service Group, and then the paperwork – or rather the logos and names on the exact same paperwork – would change to OCS, quite a while ago even now. I used to drive past the old ASG HQ every day on the way to college about ’95, and seem to remember they had about 10 bell boxes on the front of the premises. Which is fair enough.

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