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“Stew’s” burglar alarm, Margate: matey eco-shield

“Stew’s Electrical & Security” burglar alarm, Margate • This would better belong with the shield forms at the beginning of my “uncommon shapes” theme, but it’s a last-minute discovery and the only example of this box type I’ve ever found. It’s also unique in being cheerily and possessively titled for the proprietor’s first rather than last name. The box looks a bit like a cheap, upside-down version of this ESS enclosure – which, according to the commenters, was a chrome shield variation CQR Multibox. All Ramsgate-based Stew’s matey details are on a large label, atypical for a sticker in looking professionally-designed. It features tiny icons of those popular security tropes lightning and locksmithery, plus an unusually harmonious (for burglar alarms) pale blue and green colour scheme, which wouldn’t look out of place on eco-friendly washing powder. • Spotted: Market Street, Margate, Kent, CT9, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Thanet North

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