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“Shield Alarms”, Bristol: a hut made of arrows

“Shield Alarms” burglar alarm, Bristol • This is a bit strange – a shield decorated with a hut (or possibly a gate) made out of long skinny arrows. But it’s from Bristol, and I’ve stopped being surprised by the weird sounder designs that emanate from that neck of the woods. For all I know, people in the West Country actually do live in huts made of arrows – which would presumably negate the need for burglar alarms. Although this sounder looks quite recent, of the squillions of Shield security firms on the internet, I can’t find one matching this particular logo. • Spotted: Queen Square, Bristol, Avon, BS1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

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    • Yes, but this has arrows at the side too. It probably is meant to be a gate, for sure – I just thought it looked more like a hut!

  1. These subtleties would have passed me by! Actually, the way they have mounted it, it looks like the bell box is wearing a pair of shield-emblazoned superhero-style white overpants…

    • I think even if you take that into account it’s still a balls up. The lid is simply upside down but the base is 120 degrees out.

      Absolutely mental.

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