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“Thorndon”, Newham: tenuous thorns

“Thorndon Chelmsford” burglar alarm, Newham • Yet another variation on thorns, admittedly rather tenuous – but it’s a nice old Eurobell box, and I have to feature these things somewhere! Essex-based Thorndon were formed in 1982, an era this sounder probably dates from – but I’ve seen plenty of newer ones too. • Spotted: Cooks Road, Newham, London, E15, England, 2006 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of West Ham


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  1. The whole unit has been turned through 90 degrees and then the sticker has been added. The screw to hold the cover on a euro bell was off centre towards the top. This was the reason that screen printed euro bells could still be fitted crooked by poor engineers even though they were round.

  2. I like the green graphics, does anyne know when the eurobell started and ceased production? i think the scews are always off centre as screws into the bell

    • Hi Richard – sorry, a couple of your comments seem to have been caught in the spam filter and as I was on holiday I couldn’t liberate them. I see you’ve posted a few versions of this one, here’s the most recent example. Like you I’d be fascinated to know more about the Eurobell, so I hope someone can answer.

      • I don’t think that thorndon could tell scantronic to make special eurobells just for them with a slightly off-center screw hole?
        anyway, it wouldn’t make much difference if the screw was in the middle of the ‘T’, it wouldn’t look worse anyway!

        • So you think they bought a dodgy batch with off-centre holes? Or maybe it’s the “T” making the hole look off-centre! Good grief, I can’t believe I am posting comments about an off-centre screw-hole in an obsolete burglar alarm. This way lies madness ;-)

            • I can’t see it being accidental. Even if the base had off centre holes (I can’t see how) then the lids would have had to be specially made which wouldn;t be worth it unless we’re looking at hundreds and then you’ve got 2 sets of stock. Unlikely to be the other way round either.

              I can only see it being intentional, possibly specially made lids and a modified base, or it might not even be a eurobell underneath.

              • Yes, that makes sense, it did seem an odd thing to be accidental. Unless we are just all imagining it looks off-centre, but it isn’t really.

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