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“Cox Security”, Beckenham: apple in Bowieland

“Cox Security” burglar alarm, Beckenham • Cox – it’s an apple, geddit? To me, the logo also looks like a staring eye, which would make it a pun on “the apple of my eye” and thus also qualify it for the “vision” and “monograms” categories. I found a couple of Cox security firms on the internet: Cox Security Solutions Ltd near Milton Keynes, and the wonderfully-named CoxLocks in the Surrey area, which is nearer to Beckenham (which, pathetically, I always associate with David Bowie in his dress-wearing days). But neither has this logo, so it may be some completely different firm. • Spotted: High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Beckenham

Left, David Bowie in Beckenham (and a dress); right, a cox apple

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  1. Let me tell you the logo Cox Security was originally Coxlocks and Alarms. A company owned by father and son and designed by an intruder alarm rep with no reference to some staring eye! The company then spilt and the electronic side became Cox Security and the lock/physical security side became Coxlocks. The company went onto win 3 Metropolitan Alarm Performance awards and today trades as Coxlocks & Security Limited. If you want any further information, feel free to get in touch!

    • Thanks for adding some accurate info to my rather whimsical post. I knew it was fanciful to see it as a staring eye, but I’m glad to hear it is indeed associated with the wonderfully named Coxlocks.

    • On my ancient Blackberry it’s like looking at a page of raw HTML through a letterbox – absolutely hopeless.

  2. Regarding all the above: I hate spamming as much as ISS obviously does – I get vast amounts I don’t let through. But Nick’s message didn’t strike me as spamming. I assumed that confronted with what were obviously a lot of other security firm folk commenting, he wanted to introduce himself with his credentials. Which seems to be the case. I like to know who I am talking to, so that is fine with me.

    • Well there’s outright spamming and then there’s subtle spamming. Nick seems to be sat right in the middle, classic single post spammer style on entry 1 but oddly follows it up with knowledgable comments about the trade. Very un-spambotlike. Either Skynet has been realised or Nick is a bloke with a security company who spams as a hobby.

      Very odd!

      • Give it time, ISS. I read several blogs and forums avidly which I don’t comment on, and I’ve often seen single posters get leapt on when they’re clearly quite genuine. And then that puts me, as a “lurker”, off posting there occasionally too. So it’s a mistake I don’t want to make here. I really appreciate all the regular posters such as yourself, they make the place very interesting. But I have no problem with occasional posters and “lurkers” too. It takes all sorts!

  3. Thanks Sam,I must be sad for liking this site but there must be loads of engineers like me, I must have spent 30 mins looking through the pictures of bell boxes, there great !!.
    ISS, EVERY job I go to that HAS an alarm and HAS been burgled has a crappy old bell box , FACT , just passing my views on

  4. ISS , I think its a bit over the top calling me a “Rougharse spamming fuckwit who can’t fit an alarm”, I have been installing alarms since the days of A&G panels, tube and batton and foiled windows.I am not what you accuse me off, nor am I a spammer.Unlike SEO peple who spam I am an independent installer trying to make ends meat, posing genuine comments that are true (new bell boxes do put off burglars) with a link give my site a little more credibility.

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