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“Acorn”, Nottingham: nuts no more

“Acorn” burglar alarm, Nottingham • This Acorn drove me nuts researching it. I assume it is the same as the squirrel-adorned Acorn Security Systems here, as the nut is the same. But there are endless security firms called Acorn, most of which seem to be defunct, or at least without websites, and none with the number above. But via the magic of phone codes and Google, I was able to discover that 0602 is a Nottingham area code which in 1995 was replaced with 0115, giving Robin Hood’s city eight million (count ’em) phone numbers. A search on the updated version, 0115 927 1632, led me to Acorn Security Systems of Nottingham, who were definitely the purveyors of this sounder, as the number is basically same. A company check reveals they were dissolved in 2001, hence the lack of a web trail. You still see absolutely loads of these sounders around the East Midlands area, so they were obviously a successful firm once – maybe they reached security nirvana, and sold out to ADT. And if you like prowling on Google street view, there’s still a fading signboard on their ex-premises here as it was four years ago, also shown below. Truly, the internet is both a horror and a wonder. • Spotted: Castle Gate, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Nottingham South

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