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“Woodside”, Westminster: bosky cops

“Woodside” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • This is a classic of what I think of as “police” design – alarms with blue-and-white graphics recalling, whether intentionally or not, the corporate identity of the UK’s constabulary; in this case, the checks that adorn their cars and hatbands. It is at odds with the bucolic name of Woodside, perhaps chosen because this Finchley-based firm is surrounded by so many woods. No, I never associated Margaret Thatcher’s old manor with woodlands either – but look on Google maps and you’ll see Big Wood, Little Wood, Cherry Tree Wood, Highgate Wood, Queen’s Wood and Coldfall Wood all in the vicinity. Who knew Finchley was so bosky? • Spotted: Horseferry Road, City of Westminster, London, SW1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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    • The regulars will doubtless think this comment is a worthless piece of self-promotion, but I have included it because I like the rotating dog logo on the associated Watchdog Michigan website – which appears to be a policeman too. Reminds me of Top Cat (aka Boss Cat), one of my favourite kids’ TV shows…

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