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“Bushwood Security”, Westminster: tangled thicket

“Bushwood Security” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • Named after both a bush and a wood, this is very botanical, in name if not design. At first I assumed it was titled after the Bushwood area of Leytonstone, near to Epping Forest – an enclave once described as a “hidden gem” by Time Out’s property section. But web research suggests Bushwood were a Wandsworth firm who later changed their name to Barking Dog Security (not from Barking, ha ha), whose excellent dog-based sounder I’ve not featured yet. And now the URL leads to a sub-site of Crown Security Systems (the one I featured blurrily here), so maybe Crown bought out the original Bushwood. It’s all very confusing. • Spotted: Berners Street, City of Westminster, London, W1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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  1. Hi all, Bushwood was a great Company, the name was taken from Bushwood Road in Kew where the owner once lived. He was burgled one day and decided to start his own security company, hence the name Bushwood (from his street name). Yes based in Wandsworth (Broomhill Road). I worked there for 7 years, ended up being the Engineering Manager. The teem were just great, I was 19 when I started and I’d do it all again.
    And yes, Chubb bought the Company and what can I say…not good things. They ran it for about 2-3yrs then integrated it with the main business. I v sorry state of affairs. But in its hay days, bloody good!

  2. Bushwood was a local competitor to us as, we were based in Wandsworth as well. My partner was Irish and always called them Bushmills after the Irish wiskey. They sold around 2000 I think to Chubbs because they carried on trading in Wandsworth after they sold, from memory that was a practice of Chubbs, not to shut the office down unlike ADT.

    • Hi. You are correct. In actual fact, Chubb used Bushwood as the firm to manage the other aqusitions made at the same time including Oxford based Westminster Security.

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