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“OxLox Alarm Systems”, Oxford: baton sounder

“OxLox Alarm Systems” burglar alarm, Oxford • Today I start a brief run of what, until someone tells me their proper name, I can only call “baton” sounders – these long, slim, rather elegant boxes, with a flat circular bulb at the top. From the ancient phone numbers it’s clear they are vintage, and they generally sport interesting graphics. This one, OxLox, is superb: it looks like a piece of art typography, or concrete poetry, and namechecks a bizarre anglo-jewish food combination – ox (as in ox cheek or ox tail) and lox (as in the cured salmon you get in bagels). In fact it’s a clever play on “Oxford Locks”, for an Oxfordshire firm that is no more. (Update: a commenter, below, says they do still exist but with a different phone number.) • Spotted: George Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Oxford East

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  1. This bell box is a Flashguard 100. Not very loud and instead of the regular piezo sounder, these had a mylar cone speaker.

  2. oh thats interesting i always assumed it was an early flashguard, as the people who used this then went onto what i knew as a flashgaurd

  3. If my memory serves me correctly, these sounders were made by A&G security Electronics on Oldham. They are long gone, having been taken over by Carters. In the 70s and early eightys they wre a major control panel manufacturer with their BS80, R5 and PLX range of panels. All keyswitch operated, although towards the end they brought out a few keypad micriprocessor panels which were useless (in my opinion).

    • We used A&G panels at Express Alarms in Surbiton around 74/75, I used to meet someone from A&G at a service station near Coventry to collect our panels. They were what they were I can’t remember if they were reliable or not, they had turn knobs to switch on & off each zone which looked like the volume control on a record player.

      • I’m just wondering if this was the same company that manufactured a panel known as a “Sunthorne”? On the left was a N/C push button that disconnected the SAB supply and marked “Bell Test”, below that was a Cybertone bleeper for exit/entry/alarm sounds. Then the keyswitch, OFF/ON, then along the middle were push on-push off buttons to omit the zones, and lastly a rectangular dark piece of plastic with ‘zone cards’ behind, each with RED LED=Alarm, YELLOW=Fault, GREEN=Not omitted.
        Not many people remember them, but when I first started work in 1989 I came across it everywhere!

        • No. I will stand corrected, but I think ‘Sunthorn’ were a manufacturer. In any event, they WERE NOT manufactured by A&G. The identical panel (different coloured metal work) was sold by Ademco – not sure who made it or re-badged it, ie. Sunthorn or Ademco. In London, what was then a big company, A1 Security System Company of Harrow used the Sunthorn panels extensively- very good panels. The Ademco variants were the ACP2D and ACP4D etc.

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