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“Jaguar Alarms London”, Wandsworth: holey cat

“Jaguar Alarms London” burglar alarm, Wandsworth • Presumably this minimalist and somewhat holed Jaguar is a vintage remnant of the Acton-based Jaguar Alarm Company featured here – a company later acquired by Ambush, as discussed in these comments. This so-called (by me) “baton” sounder is unusual for having a blue bulb, and the logo printed directly on to it – all the others I’ve found have red bulbs and labels. Riveting! • Spotted: Battersea High Street, Wandsworth, London, SE11, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Battersea

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  1. Looks like some decided to drill into that cover.
    Also looks like they got it bang on too, right where the SAB module.

    • I was wondering what on earth could have made those holes. BB gun certainly more likely than a woodpecker!

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