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“Glo Bell”, Westminster: self-referential

“Glo Bell” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • Sporting Edward Benguiat and Victor Caruso’s ever-popular Bauhaus font from 1975, this is the only red “baton” sounder I’ve ever found. I’ve seen quite a few newer-style Glo Bell alarms around London, and though I can’t find a website for them, the firm is apparently still active – good news, as I always like self-referential bell boxes featuring bells. • Spotted: Berwick Street, City of Westminster, London, W1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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  1. Hi. Glob Bell are still trading. The owner is a guy call Bill Broyd…popped into my office the other day for a cup of coffee. Iv known Bill for years. Did a load of sub contracting for us many years ago.

  2. I love the name of this company, could you imagen if they where around today what bell they’d use? im thinking they’d appropriately use the deltabell!!

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