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“Sprint”, Camden: city speeding

“Sprint Security Systems” burglar alarm, Camden • If your burglar alarm goes off you need help fast, so it’s not surprising that swiftness is a popular security theme. This superb vintage Sprint, which undoubtedly rang rather than beeping like a reversing lorry on steroids, is very similar to the Arlescourt sounder here. It’s ideally placed above a matching shop selling some vintage sprinters of a different type, namely Italian scooters (see below). And even the logo looks like it’s speeding. • Spotted: Clerkenwell Road, Camden, London, EC1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Holborn and St Pancras

A vintage Sprint alarm above some classic sprinters

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, Sprint Security Systems was the DIY arm of Certes Security. Certes were based in Fulham and owned by accountant, Don Arnold who went on to purchase Chiswick Security and Bell Security of Aylesbury amongst others including Fit Security before selling out to ADT. Certes had a huge mail order DIY Market, but when they became NSCIA Approved (the forerunner to NACOSS), they could no longer sell DIY Equipment under the same name for regulatory reasons, it was for that reason they then sold DIY equipment under the Sprint name. The NSCIA could not allow DIY people to think that they had an NSCIA Approved alarm. The bell box in question is an ‘S’ type Polypropylene bell box. Polypropylene bell boxes did not meet the standards. You could tell the different between polycarbonate (which was allowed) and polypropylene buy the tag at the bottom centre of the bell box (obviously not shown in this picture. In addition, having a strobe lights at the top of the bell box is not allowed, on the basis that the strobe could be used as a lasso point to bull the bell box from the wall.

    • Ah, I’ve always wondered about Certes, there are lots of their boxes around from ancient to quite modern-looking. Also thanks for the explanation of Polypropylene v polycarbonate – I had assumed this was metal! And also, the positioning of strobes: I would never have guessed one on top was frowned on, I had always wondered about the various positioning of these.

    • Well you’re on-topic for the photo. Am I right in thinking the scooter-loving Mods of the 1960s originated from Essex?

      • I don’t know if your Essex question is correct. In 1962 I was working at the top of Regent St, in my lunch break I would go shopping in a tatty street just off Oxford St and buy my clothes which were very fashionable, that street became the famous Carnaby St. At the time I lived in Putney SW London, I would suspect mods originated from London, perhaps because they had more money and there were more clubs in the West End, perhaps someone has the answer.

        • Wow, you shopped in Carnaby St before it was famous – I’m impressed! I worked there in the 80s when it had lurid hexagonal paving and was full of tacky tourist shops and ancient poisonous cafes. And now it’s been poshed up and is full of expensive tourist boutiques. There’s still a really dreadful pub at the end though (The Shakespeare I think).

        • i would agree Mike, although I was not there (only born in ’64).
          I think scooters were everywhere by the early 60’s but the Mod fashions would have started in the city and worked there way out.

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