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“Security Express”, Camden: slanty-edged

“Security Express Alarms” burglar alarm, Camden • Bearing the ever-popular shield trope, this slanty-edged bell box is a type that was once quite popular – indeed, it’s still a common sight on old Cannon alarms around Bristol. There were some comments about the sounder’s design beneath this SWAT box from York, including that it’s “very loud and sounds unique”, and is possibly a Regal Safe product. Regarding speed, the firm is express no more: a company search shows it was incorporated in 1946 and was also known in the 1980s as Hornet and later Computa-Guard, but was bought by Chubb in the 1990s. Blimey, the stuff you can turn up on the internet. • Spotted: Covent Garden area, Camden, London, WC2, England, 2004 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Holborn and St Pancras

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  1. Hello, Security Express Alarms were the final company I ever worked for. They were based in Crocus Street in Nottingham (where SMC are based). They were owned by the Australian ” Nickless Organisation” whose headquarters were in Melbourne.

    • Thanks for adding your comment, you can now post without moderation. First Aussie company we’ve featured, for sure.

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