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“Instant Aid Protection”, Westminster: bold promise

“Instant Aid Protection” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • This vintage Eurobell boldly promises instant aid, which is about as speedy as you can get. I’m not sure if the company was called “Instant Aid” or “Instant Aid Protection”, but either way it’s not exactly a catchy name, and the logo – if such it is – is pretty basic too. It was found in the dilapidated but once-grand shopping arcade at Victoria Station (hence the fancy moulding, below), which is now being redeveloped. • Spotted: Victoria Arcade, City of Westminster, London, SW1, England, 2004 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

The alarm in its grungily grand setting at Victoria Station

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  1. so are you saying that you had to assemble the strobe when you were up the ladder, rather then it being ready made?
    It also annoys me when a box is not central, looks better in the peak of the eaves.

    • Yes…the strobe unit was an optional extra. From inside the eurobell cover you had to drill three little holes, through which screw posts from the strobe went through. You bolted the strobe onto the cover and then firtted metal prongs onto which the connecting wires attached.
      The cheaper firms purchased strobes and simply bolted them on the bottom.

  2. Ahhhhhh Instant Aid (Protection) Limited. This company ceased trading circa 2006. The company was based in Holland Park. Instant Aid traded for many years and specialised in ‘back up alarms’, in that in high security premises the client may have had AFA, ADT etc. and then would have had a separate system installed by Instant Aid. At one point Instant Aid did all the alarms for the ‘Going Places’ chain and when Threshers first started, they did their alarms.
    They were a funny company, big client base, but rarely put their names on bell boxes. Many years ago, before the regulations changed they had there own monitoring station in the West End.
    In the end, the principles wanted to retire and served notice to their clients to find an alternative company. We took over a few. I contacted the owners with the view to purchasing them…they weren’t interested, they just closed down. Never ever saw a bad Instant Aid installation.

    • Fascinating, thanks – I’ve found one more Instant Aid Eurobell in the West End, but they’re pretty rare (branded ones, at least).

      • Hi. I have installed many IAP bell boxes in my time. I started working for them in 1969, and yes no advertising on their bell boxes. It wasn’t until they got the contracts for the roberts off licences sacconey and speed arthur cooper, then pickfords, and going places they decided to put their name on the bell boxes. I myself have a handfull of their old custermers and I have very good memories of the old days from when I used to work for them.

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