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“Knight Security Systems”, Islington: noble pun

“Knight Security Systems” burglar alarm, Islington • With their connotations of nobility, bravery and chivalry, and the happy pun on “night”, knights are one of the most popular burglar alarm themes. This old example is so huge (see side view, below) it could even have a few mounted warriors lurking within it. • Spotted: Camden Passage, Islington, London, N1, England, 2011 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington South and Finsbury


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  1. 1982 I think this one was installed. They used a Bentley panel, not to sure what model but I can get a picture. Inside the bell box shown here is a master bell and possibly a tamper. Most metal type s boxs never had a sab module or tamper.

    • Big Smile…at least someone admits to seeing our bell boxes. I dont think Vicki has ever come across them despite approx. 7000 being on walls around London, Beds and Herts.

      • I have, I promise – I have a lovely AAI photo just waiting to go when I do the “monograms” category. But I’m super-busy with my “real” life at the moment so am posting some categories I prepared earlier… I don’t have time to get around to the monograms yet. Sorry!

      • i know the area you cover, you would know DLS alarms we had one of those, have they now changed hands? -sorry bit off topic Vici will hate them as they are diagonal pinting on boxes!! lol

        • Funny you should mention DLS. We were discussing them the other day. They simply disappeared. We didn’t even notice them going. I don’t think that anyone purchased them. The owner, Gerry Walsh went to live abroad a few years ago; I think he left his sons to run the business. Haven’t a clue what happened after that.

          • When i tap the name on the internet it came up with something quite interesting. I’m not sure how much i can say as i don’t want to upset anyone, but i get the impression a group of company’s like Alphasec, JCA, and a few others in the area have bought the brand and the old directors do not run it anymore.
   hope this works!

            • Very very interesting. If you fish around the internet its amazing what you find. Alphasec have only themselves been tradeing since December 2011 and have not filled any accounts. The guiy is clever. He is attracting those clients of previously failed busineses. Guess there is nothing wrong with it, good luck to him. If he wants to take on someone else crap thats up to him.

              • Im just so surprised what can happen even if there is massive customer base and long history its such a shame. I have not seen many Alphasec boxes, so do you think they are keeping the brand name DLS as well?

                • Like you, I have not heard of Alphasec. The actual company is ETA Security Ltd trading as Alphasec. Having looked at there web site it is interesting to note that they are are SSAIB approved for the maintenance of Intruder Alarms, never seen that before, normally it is the design, installation and maintenance of Intruder Alarms.
                  If you look at
         you will see that the owner owns the company names DLS (UK) Alarms Limited and DLS Security Limited.

                  • OK gents, interesting though this all is, it is straying a little close to the personal for my peace of mind. Apologies for the slight edit Andy, but your post was too ambiguous for this humble and not legally-insured blog. Thread closed!

                    • Such a pity and a sad reminder of the way this country\world is nowadays. I would love to set a blog up that generated enough interest for people to be able to discuss the topic in hand.

                      This is the internet, it’s full of morons and pointless opinions, some of these entries on this blog may fall into those categories, but it is a shame that people can’t just genuinely chat about the industry they work in.

                      ….*wanders off muttering*……..

                    • I think there are lots of interesting discussions on this blog without the necessity to open me up to legal problems. It’s just that when people start getting into detailed discussions about third parties / companies that I have never heard of and can’t substantiate it gets onto dodgy ground. That would be true of any printed / internet resource. When I started this blog I never even guessed security professionals would be interested anyway. I prefer to keep it light – about history, reminiscences etc.

                      I think there are some professional security forums around anyway? These are surely a better forum for technical discussions about how people are running current companies etc. For a start there will be a lot more interested people reading. And WordPress blogs are free to set up so you can always start your own if you want to!

  2. ahhhh. This is an old one. This bell box was an ‘S’ Type bell box. This bell box belonged to Knight Security Systems. Knight Security Systems were based in Edgware Middlesex and in Luton Beds. The firm was started by a guy called Charlie Godifry (Ex AFA Minerva). Charlie sold the Edgware branch to a guy called Peter Bundock and the Luton Branch to Terry Woods. Approx. 26 years ago Peter Bundock sold the Knight Security Systems contracts to Britannia and retained his lock business. Later, when I started AAI, his wife was my first business partner, who my current business partner bought out. Peter Bundock later sold his lock shop and was employed by us as a Service Engineer. Knight Security Systems Luton was purchased by us approx 12 years ago….although I have never seen this bell box….we changed all the Knight Bells that we took over. I suspect that this bell box was sold over the counter to someone as the firms telephone number has been cut of the bottom of the sticker.

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