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“Crusader Alarms”, Tower Hamlets: noble mein

“Crusader Alarms” burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets • Again, I think we can assume that this fellow’s a knight . Security firms wouldn’t settle for any old hoi polloi on their sounders, and he’s wearing a crowny thing, plus looks of noble mein – a suave smirk and one eyebrow raised, like the James Bond (played by Roger Moore) of crusading. • Spotted: Toynbee Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow

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  1. The bit about customers may think they may have pests in the house is so funny. So if they started fitting the boxes, would that imply that there could be still some Rentokil boxes out there?
    So what date would you put on this box?

    • I also note the absense of sound vents, and would it be right in assuming this is a siren inside, would love to hear one

      • Never had any sirens, i can see where your coming from though because usually non vented boxs have sirens inside but mid 80s metal boxs like this never had sirens inside.

    • Landers brought Rentokil in the summer of 1982, I think Rentokil brought Crusader and D & D within the previous year, it was a wide box with the front slanting inwards from top to bottom.

  2. I would agree with Richard. The bell box looks very similar to the old Modern Alarm Bell Box. Crusader Alarms, in their day were a big firm, who eventually were owned by Rentokil or RMS (ready Mixed Concrete) I cant remember which one, but think it was Rentokil as they purchased RMC who then sold them to Lander Alarms, who became ADT. Everything goes full circle, as Initial Rentokil went back into security by purchasing Shorrock and then sold it to UTC, who owned Chubb. Initial security and Chubb were merged in the last few years.

    • In case you want to be an anorak – Rentokil brought Crusader and D & D in Reigate, then Lander Alarms who were owned by RMC brought the alarm section of Rentokil. About 9 years later RMC sold Landers to Moderns who were then brought by ADT. Getting back to bell boxes, when Rentokil first started fitting alarms customers complained about having Rentokil on the box because it could mean that they had pests in their house.

  3. Something i like about this box, a very detailed knight. Think it must be the same company that made this box and the early modern alarms wedge box.

    • It was ether a tann bell, friedland series 4 bell or Friedland series 6 (master bell)
      The sab was ether a brocks or a Bentley.
      But most common was Friesland series 4 bell with a Bentley sab and as for tamper switch it was a cherry micro switch.
      Hope this helps

  4. This ancient-looking alarm must have been fixed to this East London wall before Tower Hamlets boasted the largest proportion of muslim residents of any local authority in England and Wales (it looks old enough to be a relic from the original crusades). ‘Crusader’ might not be the first choice of name for a security business in the area today. What price the suave smirk today, Sir Roger?

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