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“Crusader Alarms”, Lambeth: night knight

“Crusader Alarms Security System” burglar alarm, Lambeth • This has the same cheese grater shape as yesterday (see side view, below), but I’m guessing this is the older iteration, partly because it’s so rusty, and also because it’s so minimalist, which is classic 1970s. Looking at all three Crusaders in sequence, note the way our burglar-hating Islamophobe has gone from anonymous here to realistically imagined yesterday, to a little blob under the logo the day before yesterday – which is definitely the least impressive in knightly terms. And that’s enough knights for now – night night. • Spotted: Theed Street, Lambeth, London SE1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Vauxhall

Theed Street, Lambeth, London SE1, England, 2012

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      • was it a siren inside? or self assemble? ive never been lucky enough to hear one going off despite having loads of modern alarm boxes around in wedge style like this in village where i lived when young

        • Many moons ago I ripped one out. I cant say that they were all the same, but the one I pulled out had a Friedland 6″ bell in it. The funny thing was, was that the SAB module was mounted on the lid and not on the back plate. It had wall removal and cover anti tamper switches. Never ever saw a Crusader bell with a strobe light.

          • I often prefer the older ones without strobes as can make the box look untidy, is it right in strobes becomming popular early 80’s?

            • Strobes became poular for two reasons. a) To help the Police locate the premises, ie. See which alarmwas ringing and b) When it became mandatory for alarm bells to stop ringing after 20 minutes (now 15 minututes) the strobe lights continued (and still do) to flash to indicate that the alarm had activated.

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