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“August Alarms”, Islington: venerable month

“August Alarms” burglar alarm, Islington • Is that August the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar, or August to rhyme with disgust – meaning venerable? Either way it doesn’t matter, because you’re not getting past the mammoth portcullis. Or maybe it’s an upside-down picket fence. • Spotted: Evershot Road, Islington, London, N4, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington North

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  1. Ahhhh August Alarms. Based in Green Lanes, Whinchmore Hill. A great firm. One of the Directors was a guy named Alan Jordan who I met a few times. A very presentable, likable guy. They used to use Castle CS1001 and ZX1250 Control Units. They were acquired by Shorrock (aka Initial Shorrock, aka Initial, Aka Chubb) many many moons ago.

    The bell box was an S type metal. I took out a few. They had a friedland 6” Master Bell, front and rear tamper and a Castle SAB mod and battery. This bell box pre dates bell stop timers and strobe lights.

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