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“Krypto Security”, Westminster: turret-shaped

“Krypto Security” burglar alarm, City of Westminster • And so we segue seamlessly from portcullises to fortifications in general – castles, fortresses, ramparts and so on. This looks like an old-style prison, which would be apt, but because I have seen other versions of Krypto’s logo (coming soon), I know it’s a castle. But what stands out here is the turret-shaped sounder – I wonder whether the logo was designed to fit it, or vice versa? I’ve never seen any other similarly-shaped sounders in the UK, though I have abroad. I’m not sad enough to snap burglar alarms on holiday, however – well, not often – so I don’t have pictorial proof. • Spotted: New Cavendish Street, City of Westminster, London, W1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Cities of London and Westminster

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  1. Krypto Security of Leytonstone East London. The company was owned by George Mallaly who unfortunately passed away last year.

    The company still trades.

    The business consists of a burglar alarm company and a locksmith shop. I think that the Locksmiths was run by George’s brother.

    Krypto did a lot of pubs and off licenses amongst other clients.

    George was Greek and had another alarm company in Cyprus…..that where you would have seen the bell boxes.

    The bell box in question was made by Nintek Engineering (who, many moons ago made our bells). The tale tale sign is the strobe light. You will note that the top of the box is cut away to form the castle shape. I don’t think they used that many of these.

    George was a very colourful personality and is sadly missed from the industry.

    • Apologies for the slow response, I’ve been away. Very sorry to hear that the founder of this firm is no longer around, thanks for sharing some memories here.

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