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“Bastion Protec Systems”, Dorking: defensible space

“Bastion Protec Systems” burglar alarm, Dorking • One of the very few “defensible space” sounders without an image on it, the name Bastion helpfully sums up all the alarms in this section. A bastion is literally a pointy bit of fortification that pokes out from castles and the like, but figuratively means a stronghold of some kind. As it happens I really like this logo: 1970s disco it may be, but it’s sensitively designed in classic style, and looks like it was done by a professional. • Spotted: Town centre, Dorking, Surrey, RH4, England, 2006 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Mole Valley

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  1. Abel Alarms used to use this bell box back in the day and i think they’d modify the bell box to have two screws at the bottom of the box instead on the sides for micro switches or something like that.

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