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“Absolute Security”, East Grinstead: bricky battlements

“Absolute Security (Surrey)” burglar alarm, East Grinstead • Is it just my imagination, or are there a disproportionately high number of militia-related alarms in the deep Surrey “stockbroker belt” (quaint term in these days of rapacious bankers) of Dorking and East Grinstead? Whatever, this faded sounder showing two bricky little battlements was old when I photographed it in 2004, so I reckoned the company wouldn’t be around any more. But an internet search throws up an Absolute Security in Surrey of 20 years standing, so despite a distinct lack of fortifications on their website, I reckon it’s the same firm. • Spotted: Middle Row, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19, England, 2004 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Sussex Mid

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    • Usually a pretty indifferent electronic horn type noise due to the bog standard horns that are usually fitted inside. Could be anything though depending what the installing company screwed inside it.

  1. Still going strong based in Godalming with two other addresses,started by Andy Rees who was the NSI representative for the smaller alarm companies.

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