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“Honeywell Shield”, Tower Hamlets: bee-like

“Honeywell Shield Security System” burglar alarm, Tower Hamlets • This is obviously the same company as yesterday, but taken over by Honeywell, a charmingly rural bee-like name for what is actually a technological behemoth. I also see plain Honeywell alarms around, so I guess they dumped the Shield part at some point. • Spotted: Wentworth Street, Tower Hamlets, London, E1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow


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  1. See my previous comments on EAS in the Zodiac Security post dated June 17th 2011 – my comments Jan 10th & 11th 2012.

  2. This was the bell box type that was used soon after the aquisition by Honeywell of Sheild Protection. Honeywell then went on to use a white horizontal bell box, steel in construction with the wording ‘Continuous Electronic Surveillance’ By Honeywell. Where they could not fit the horizontal version on a wall, they used a horizontal type.

      • Sorry, just re read my last, terrible post. Sheild Honeywell Sheild, or as later known, Honey Protection mainly used horizontal bell boxes, but on occassion used vertical bell boxes.

        Vici… may interest you to know that Sheild took over a Sussex based company at some point called MCA (Malcolm Childs Associates). Not sure even I have ever seen one of those bells.

        • Malcolm Child was an hilarious guy, he kept everyone in stiches. He was at Shorrocks Croydon late 60s, then a surveyor at Solar Security early 70s. He then formed Expess Alarm Services in Surbiton with John Moir. Around 75 he left and started MCA in Kent, although I knew him very well I only saw him once more at IFSEC 1981ish, after that I heard he had left the industry & was running a hotel.

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