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“LanGuard Alarms”, Brighton: deja vu

“LanGuard Alarms” burglar alarm, Brighton • And another vintage shield-bearer – I guess shields were popular in the olden days. It’s very similar to yesterday’s box, but with a bulb. Is that Lan as in Local Area Network, I wonder? Or Len and Allan or something? Hmmm, I’m getting deja vu, maybe I featured this one before. (Checks.) Ah, I featured a Kestrel sticker which had been placed over a LanGuard box a while back and I see from the comment there that Lan refers to Lang, the proprietors. Apparently they’re still going strong in the Brighton area, so this certainly isn’t indicative of their current look – there’s more info in the comment section below. • Spotted: Arundel Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Conservative constituency of Brighton Kemptown

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  1. This firm I know very well. Languard is owned by Andrew and Hilary Lang. Good friends of mine. They run a very nice tight company in Brighton. They have the whole of Brighton sewn up. Andy Lang is very passionate about the industry. I think you are wrong about them being taken over… unless it has happened in the last few weeks… which I doubt.

    • Hi Andy – sorry, I worded it badly – the kestrel sticker was over a Languard alarm. I didn’t mean they had taken over the business. I’ll reword the entry to make it clear.

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