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“Scotshield”, Glasgow: patriotic

“Scotshield Fire & Security Systems” burglar alarm, Glasgow • You’d never get a firm called Engshield, would you? Britshield, maybe. But there’s no doubt where this one’s from. In fact, it’s so patriotic it was found on the Rangers football stadium at Ibrox Park (see photo below). You know, the really famous Glasgow football club who went broke and are now relegated to the Irn-Bru Third Division – there’s a pic of the ground here. So who knows whether they’ll be able to maintain their security contract. • Spotted: Edmiston Drive, Ibrox, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G51, Scotland, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Glasgow South West

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  1. I think thats one very lucky lady… well, apart from the bit about her husbands ill health obviously. Because from what I can see, apart from the newish looking Eurobells, a lot of it is all yellowed and presumably ‘removals’, and all of it rather old, sadly… I still hold out my hopes that one day a similar person will uncover brand new, boxed, hoarded, 70s and 80s Thorn bells and the like from a shed or loft!

  2. oh have you not!? i was going to comment on the protect and ask about what the story is about them, dont think they trade now. Loads of old eurobell protects scattered around south of England. They look like they where a nationwide company. In leeds they use a retangle red box with the little man on the box, had a hand with a bright white LED that lit at night, suggesting that the light was a stolen item.

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