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“CG Computa Guard”, Bolton: green and gritty

“CG Computa Guard” burglar alarm, Bolton • Let me count the ways I love this. It suggests it’s guarded by a computer. It’s spelled groovily. It’s green, which is unusual. It’s square, and I like squares. It’s got a really basic monogram, and I like those too. It’s vintage. It’s from Bolton, which sounds all gritty and Northern. It was on an escarpment of grandly decaying windswept buildings, in true gritty Northern fashion. It’s rusty. And it’s got a shield on. A total winner. • Spotted: St Georges Road, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1, England, 2010 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Bolton North East

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  1. The green tent shape box on millets is an old chubb delta box and would of been blue when new. This box as a good defence. It was double skin and if you drilled though the outer skin and as soon as you start to drill the inner skin your drill bit would cause short circuit and trigger the alarm.

    • Ive still got 2 of these at my house unused only because they went to polycarbonate. Besides a front and rear tamper micro it’s just a metal box with apex type screw heads nothing else

    • It was called chubb delta had two 6 inch tann bells inside and had a sab in the panel. The panel was as a big as a wardrobe and had two 12v car batterys. Really good alarm

  2. COMPUA – GUARD 1334 Uxbridge Rd, Hayes End, Middlesex.

    I remember installing these boxes although I was with CG in London and Manchester up to 1989. The company changed its name (it was part of the mayne nichols group who also owned security express, de la rue, parcel line to name just a few) CG became security express alarms in 1989-1990. I dont know what ever happend to them nor when they dissapeared.

    It would be amazing If you can find a Carrol security box who were based in London. these where the first company to have polycarbonate boxes with built in strobe and anti foam. quite a new thing then.

    John Royal Navy

    • Thanks for the info! Search on Carroll and you’ll find I’ve featured two of their sounders plus one Secom Carroll – but I don’t know if any are of the kind you’re talking about.

  3. By the by, whilst this was a good find (no, an excellent find) I’m still a bit disappointed not to have seen the green metal ‘tent shaped’ bellbox above Millets in Bath, featured here, especially as Millets might not be around much longer…,-2.359175&spn=0.000013,0.010568&sll=51.382586,-2.359323&layer=c&cid=14673843840504650922&cbp=13,285.33,,1,1.87&panoid=KyM0yFeBY1dczVebjT6qLw&hq=millets+bath&t=m&z=17&cbll=51.382555,-2.359175

      • I’m not sure if it wasn’t connected to the old TSB banking offices, long gone of course, that might have been above this shop, they used to also have a tiny branch at street level round the side. Only because I’ve seen quite a few of these tent shaped boxes – presumably still live as I can’t see any others and they seem to be in good condition – above banks. And speaking of weird shaped bank bellboxes, check this 6″ cuboid bellbox – hidden behind the xmas tree in Cheddar High Street.

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