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“Metropolitan Alarms”, Islington: synth-pop

“Metropolitan Alarms” burglar alarm, Islington • OK, a slight cheat – the firm’s called Metropolitan, but their logo’s a giant M, synonymous with groovy new wave synth-popsters M, whose “Pop Muzic” was a massive cross-pond hit in 1979. By dint of its full name, the sounder gets filed under “Religion” too, as a Metropolitan is a type of bishop, especially important in Slavic and Greek Orthodox churches. • Spotted: Whitecross Street, Islington, London, EC1, England, 2008 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington South and Finsbury

M of Pop Muzik fame

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  1. Hi. I cant really add anymore to what Mike has already said. Metropolitan ended up quite a large company, and purchased specialist High Security East London Company ‘Gem Alarms’. Im pretty sure that it was Shorrock who purchased Metropolitan. Although based in South London, that also had a branch in North West London (Hendon) and used to use the K J Bently Alpha control units

    • In their early days they had a branch in Iver Bucks. Also Neil was the small company’s representative on the NSCIA (now NSI) board long before Steve Kimber of CIA and later Andy Rees of Absolute, no idea who it is now as I’m retired.

      • NACOSS split the whole country into regions many years ago. Im the Vice Chairman (responsible for Technical Issues) for the London Metropolitan Region. I also act as Chairman for NSI Gold Regional Technical Liaison Committee and as such, sit on Regional Chairmans Committee. As you probably gather, Im a bit of a busy body.

        • Yes in the NSCIA days there were no regional commitees, Neil represented the whole country.
          Best of luck, I spent endless hours with various people and organisations connected with the industry trying to improve the industry that is behind with the times. Even silly things like PA buttons requiring keys when they were initialy required in the 60s &70s because the panel did not latch into alarm condition, and my old favourite only security screws/bolts on sounder covers. By now in the 21st century alarm equipment should be a standard fit like in the electrical industry, standard back box for all makes of PIRs for example.

          • I wont bore you or the other readers of this blog, but I also sit on the British Standard Committee GW1/2. We write the standards. I’m supposed to be an ‘Industry Expert’. I can assure you that I have a many a shouting match and throw my rattle out my pram frequently on what the current rules and regulation are against best practice with system integrity and security. With the introduction of the European Standards and Alarm Confirmation things have got very over complicated. Come back BS4737

    • Since they used KJ bentley control units did they also use bentley sab modules like the ones with all the diodes, no relay and the white nicad?

  2. This company started in the 70s by Neil Edworthy (spelling could be wrong) in Stoneleigh near Worcester Park Surrey. He then brought the well known company at the time Solar Security and then he sold to Shorrocks or Secom and became an aquisition manager, sadly he passed away many years ago.

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