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“Mono”, Manchester: lo-fi electronica

“Mono” burglar alarm, Manchester • Mono: not just a type of lo-fi single-channel sound associated with the quintessential early 45rpm pop records, but a little-known British electronica duo who had a 1990s hit with the James Bondy-sounding “Life in Mono” (apparently – I certainly don’t remember it, so maybe it was just in the US). • Spotted: Deansgate area, Manchester, Lancashire, M1, England, 2009 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Manchester Central

The unmemorable and not-very-good (in my opinion) band Mono

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  1. Maureen and Norman Alarms. They now have a habit of buying any company going, loads of installs everywhere, now owned by the ‘White Group’. Lots of vans on the road, do a lot of 1st fix work for a house builder in Manchester and fit decoy boxes to hide the bell cable. They bought out the atrociously bad ‘Honeymark’ Security.

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