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“CPA Alarms”, Islington: obscure

“CPA Alarms” burglar alarm, Islington • The strange logo at the top, which to me looks like a giant molar, is in fact some unidentifiable panels (presumably not a Richard Serra sculpture) on top of a globe. The legend around it reads “Pyronix Association of Security Specialists”, which is totally opaque to me, as is the acronym CPA. Googling reveals that Pyronix is a major trade supplier and the three weird planks are their logo, but all in all it’s a very obscure sounder design for the lay viewer. • Spotted: Caledonian Road, Islington, London, N1, England, 2012 • Politics: In the Labour constituency of Islington South and Finsbury

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  1. About 10 years ago anyone who foolishly supplied their name and address to Pyronix in the hope of getting a brochure or maybe some advice on how to permanently silence one of their excellent products would suddenly find they had inadvertantly joined the aforementioned ‘PAOSS’ installers ‘club’ complete with cards and pre-framed certificates and everything being rushed to the premises by 1st class post. A bit like that episode of ‘Thats Life’ where, potato shaped like a ++++ stuck firmly up her ++++, Esther managed to get Bernard Manning a certificate saying he was a member of the British Association Of Councelling for £5, or maybe not.

    Either way, I seem to remember that super hardcore Gold Card POASS supporters were offered large discounts on alarm hardware if for some unknown reason it featured the official installers club logo. Either that or the alarm company thought it looked good. Which it doesn’t now, and probably didn’t then either.

  2. That particular stylish box is, in fact, manufactured by Pyronix themselves (and is called a ‘Belle’.) But quite why their name would appear in the external branding is a bit of a mystery! Judging by the mobile-phone-number-only contact details on the box, I would guess this was installed by a one-man-band type installer, so maybe he took the name of the sounder manufacturer, and created some nice graphics himself to make it look more professional? Who can say…

    • Quite why you would pick one of the worst bells ever made and adorn it with the logo of a not particularly great manufacturer who happen to make the aforementioned bell makes this whole thing a really random collection of rubbishness!

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