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“Avon Alarms”, Bristol: gorge

“Avon Alarms” burglar alarm, Bristol • There are several River Avons in the UK, because Avon is a derivation of the ancient British word for river: thus River Avon actually means River River. This charmingly discotastic sounder refers to the lovely “Bristol Avon“, which runs through Gloucestershire and Wiltshire en route to Bath and Bristol, where it cleaves the mighty Avon Gorge then heads out to sea. Avon Alarms are a familiar sight in the city, which also used to be in the county of Avon, before it got turned into a “unitary authority”. • Spotted: Clifton area, Bristol, Avon, BS8, England, 2006 • Politics: In the Liberal Democrat constituency of Bristol West

Above: the Avon Gorge, Bristol

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  1. For your information there is no V in the Welsh alphabet in it’s place we use the letter F, so Afon is welsh for river, Diolch yn fawr, a pob hwyl!

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